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Marilyn and Gerald have owned the property for over 20 years. Since then, they have rebuilt the home and renovated

the Creamery and Barn to provide the four self contained suites and extensive gardens and orchards.

The style and ambience is reflected in their architecture and interiors background. ​


The original title called the property “Farm No.1” and was the original cottage on a 1000 acre block which was subdivided in 1873 by Mr R H Rhodes into 10, 100 acre blocks. The Lodge block was sold to Joseph John Herrick in 1875 for £20 per acre and he "erected a house with substantial outbuildings and stockyards which were considered second to none in the district".


Mr. Herrick was the first storekeeper at Tai Tapu (next to “The Store”), and he ran the first coach that carried mails to Tai Tapu. The lounge of the “Stableboys Suite” was the waiting room and you can see the writings on the kauri lined walls from past local identities. 


“The Creamery” was built at the same time and its kitchen is built from the original shelving. In 1875 Mr Herrick was exporting dairy product to England and later became a founder of the Tai Tapu Dairy Co-op which later became the global brand "Fernleaf"

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